Way Too Much BS! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ernie Fitzpatrick   

Its okay to let the kids read this commentary- it's not "R" (religious) rated, but "G" (all audiences). There will be objections of course by those who want to keep BELIEVING in what it is they BELIEVE- even when it's not working, Working harder won't make it so.

The BS that I'm talking about is BELIEF SYSTEMS!

There is way too much "I believe this", and "I believe that". Life changes when we quit FIGHTING over all of the BS (belief systems) that we've been trained to fight for, and we start LIVING for the One that we KNOW. Knowing is so much more real, intimate, and a living force than a mental assent could ever be.

One of my favorite places in America is Mendocino, California. And one of the attractions that has captivated me when there is to walk through the old, old cemetery, and read what's on the headstones, which brings me to one such gravestone in St. Lars church, Linkoping, Sweden.

It's a tenth century gravestone that reads-

God within me, God without
How shall I ever be in doubt?
There is no place where I may go
And not there see God's face, not know
I am God's vision and God's ears
So through the harvest of my years
I am the Sower and the Sown
God's self unfolding and God's own.

Until we lay down our BELIEF SYSTEMS and get on the LOVE TRAIN, we'll never see peace on earth! But that's a very difficult thing to do because we might find out that we're not right in all those things we have believed. Ernie Fitzpatrick